i’m a visual anthropologist and a doctoral candidate at bard graduate center in new york city.

currently based in san francisco, ca.

http://www.bgc.bard.edu/ // http://www.bgc.bard.edu/gallery.html

bio: hadley jensen’s research addresses the intersections between art, anthropology, and material culture. she is currently a doctoral candidate at bard graduate center in new york, and she has a master’s degree in design history & material culture. hadley’s dissertation project examines the visual documentation of craft in the american southwest through various modes and media of representation, with a focus on navajo weavers and the ‘photography of making.’ she has a deep knowledge of native american art, a theoretical foundation in the study of material and visual culture, and an interest in advancing interdisciplinary methodologies to better understand processes of making. she believes in the close, hands-on examination of objects as an integral part of learning about their material qualities and methods of production. other interests include: museum anthropology, craft history, textiles/cloth/clothing, the history of photography, ethnographic media, ethnobotany (specifically natural dyes), and discourses of cultural preservation & heritage.

this blog is an exploration of things that enliven and inspire my personal and professional work. i welcome suggestions for potential collaborations or partnerships, so feel free to contact me.

please no email or phone call solicitations of any kind.